18 March 2015



You are a beautiful little thing. You're growing up so fast and truly becoming a boy but here I can still see those baby cheeks and the sweet, round, puckered mouth that once pursed itself around my breast until you drifted off into your safest, happiest place - while I just sat there and watched you. In complete awe of you. 

Life is different now but I love it just as much as those sweet days that we got to spend exclusively together. I am embracing each new stage of you that comes our way. You are like a fine wine and you just keep on getting better with age. I know now not to be melancholy as you reach new stages and as you get older [hello 3rd birthday in a few weeks' time!] - I embrace them now because I've had the privilege of seeing how there really is no need to look back, with you I can only ever look forward.

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