5 February 2015

Throwback Thursday | A rainy morning - October 2015

Following my failure to keep up-to-speed with The 52 Project, I promised myself that I would, at least, create a photobook of all my favourite images from 2014. I did take the photos after all and it seemed a bit silly to leave them buried in the quagmire that is my hard drive.

Dutifully I sifted through 5000 images to separate the wheat from the chaff and that's about as far as I got. I haven't abandoned the idea but with the untimely onset of my first 365 project, a new baby 7 weeks away and the completion of our home renovation to achieve in less than 7 weeks, I decided I'd take a more bite sized approach to the matter.

So instead of trying to create a photobook out of 12 months' of, as yet, unedited images I have decided to select  and edit a few of my favourites from any one month - each week - and post them here and on Instagram as part of the Throwback Thursday hashtag. The end goal being that I will have a selection of my favourite images of 2014 to eventually slip into a beautifully crafted photobook without it feeling like bloody hard work.

So onto the images. First up is a handful of images during a rainy day from October, 2014.


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