13 February 2015

ONE | One from the vault

I have no clue how long this poor post has been sat in my draft folder. I literally just happened upon it but seems as though I'm spending time focusing on editing and posting images taken from over the last year, it seemed to make sense to post this retrospective look at how far my sweet boy has come in such a short space of time. We all look so different and so much has changed since then. Here, I was still breastfeeding my first child and now I'm a little over a month away from beginning that journey again. We have so many new dimensions about to join our lives and it's a little hard to comprehend just now.

These photos were taken by my favourite friend and photographer, Hazel, as Chuck turned one. It seems like forever ago and this is probably the truest Throwback Thursday contribution I could offer this week. Now that I've aired them from my dusty box [ahem] I realise it's high time I started printing pictures.

Get it together lady.

PS look at those squidgy, breast milk rolls on those baby legs. Such a delicious little beastie.



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