13 February 2015



We're only a few days in and already it's clear to see how challenging this project is going to be. I'm finding the light and constantly moving subject tricky so I'm doing my best to learn about the focus settings on my camera while still trying to find new ways to shoot in the same blinkin space. All day every day.

Winter cabin fever has finally set in, for me at least - Chuck seems perfectly happy to while away his days at home - but I am struggling. We're basically living in one room at the moment while the house renovation is being completed so taking the same shots every day is an easy trap to fall into. I'm doing my best to work around this and hopefully I'll able to look back in 12 months and see a noticeable progression - that is, after all, part of the point of this project.

At the same time I'm trying to loosen up about taking perfectly sharp images - ultimately my goal is to shoot moments that matter, that mean something, that evoke emotion and create nostalgia. A tangible reflection of our lives. If I can achieve that, then I have achieved something. Something I can be proud of. Like my boy.


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