13 February 2015


We stepped out of the house before 9am for probably the first time ever and joined Daddy on his journey into work. A ride on the tram, a haircut for the boy, a trip to the museum and a spot of lunch - all before midday. Phew. 

Joining in, sporadically, with Jodi's The 52 Project



We're only a few days in and already it's clear to see how challenging this project is going to be. I'm finding the light and constantly moving subject tricky so I'm doing my best to learn about the focus settings on my camera while still trying to find new ways to shoot in the same blinkin space. All day every day.

Winter cabin fever has finally set in, for me at least - Chuck seems perfectly happy to while away his days at home - but I am struggling. We're basically living in one room at the moment while the house renovation is being completed so taking the same shots every day is an easy trap to fall into. I'm doing my best to work around this and hopefully I'll able to look back in 12 months and see a noticeable progression - that is, after all, part of the point of this project.

At the same time I'm trying to loosen up about taking perfectly sharp images - ultimately my goal is to shoot moments that matter, that mean something, that evoke emotion and create nostalgia. A tangible reflection of our lives. If I can achieve that, then I have achieved something. Something I can be proud of. Like my boy.


ONE | One from the vault

I have no clue how long this poor post has been sat in my draft folder. I literally just happened upon it but seems as though I'm spending time focusing on editing and posting images taken from over the last year, it seemed to make sense to post this retrospective look at how far my sweet boy has come in such a short space of time. We all look so different and so much has changed since then. Here, I was still breastfeeding my first child and now I'm a little over a month away from beginning that journey again. We have so many new dimensions about to join our lives and it's a little hard to comprehend just now.

These photos were taken by my favourite friend and photographer, Hazel, as Chuck turned one. It seems like forever ago and this is probably the truest Throwback Thursday contribution I could offer this week. Now that I've aired them from my dusty box [ahem] I realise it's high time I started printing pictures.

Get it together lady.

PS look at those squidgy, breast milk rolls on those baby legs. Such a delicious little beastie.



12 February 2015

Throwback Thursday - April 2014, Part I

April 2014 was a busy time which saw us enjoying a little birthday getaway to Whitby for Chuck's 2nd birthday as well as venturing out into the garden for most of our days - the month prior was mostly woolly hats and winter coats still.

I'm breaking April up into at least two posts, Part I includes a couple of snaps from our trip to Whitby and the calmer aftermath, settling in back at home: living in our pyjamas and playing with birthday presents.


5 February 2015

Throwback Thursday | A rainy morning - October 2015

Following my failure to keep up-to-speed with The 52 Project, I promised myself that I would, at least, create a photobook of all my favourite images from 2014. I did take the photos after all and it seemed a bit silly to leave them buried in the quagmire that is my hard drive.

Dutifully I sifted through 5000 images to separate the wheat from the chaff and that's about as far as I got. I haven't abandoned the idea but with the untimely onset of my first 365 project, a new baby 7 weeks away and the completion of our home renovation to achieve in less than 7 weeks, I decided I'd take a more bite sized approach to the matter.

So instead of trying to create a photobook out of 12 months' of, as yet, unedited images I have decided to select  and edit a few of my favourites from any one month - each week - and post them here and on Instagram as part of the Throwback Thursday hashtag. The end goal being that I will have a selection of my favourite images of 2014 to eventually slip into a beautifully crafted photobook without it feeling like bloody hard work.

So onto the images. First up is a handful of images during a rainy day from October, 2014.






Life has thrown quite a bit at us this last 8 months or so. Surprise* pregnancies and all the trauma that unfolded during the early days of this pregnancy, unintentional [but welcome] home renovations, building work disasters and marital strain have all played their part in making both my husband and I very weary this winter.

We're muddling through and while we could both really benefit from a bloody good sleep [or several] we're making it through together. We know that beneath the pressures of daily life, we are two very blessed people and so I am doing my best to carry on with a positive heart and accepting that it's ok to fail at this from time to time. And when I stop and really think about life, or just look down at my son, I see how easy it is to be happy and fulfilled and content.

Life ebbs and flows away and we're never on a constant incline or decline. It's all about balance and I'm trying to be mindful of this. My biggest personal goals for 2015 and beyond are to live more mindfully and consciously and our little guy is always my biggest reminder and motivation for becoming a better person.

Last year I failed at committing to Jodi's The 52 project, and a lot of the issues I cited in the first paragraph were my excuse. But now I am committing to an arguably more challenging project; the 365 project. A photo every day for a year. 

I'm not promising to post 365 photos but I am making a promise to myself: to pick up the camera every day for a year. My goal is simple, to both better my photographic skills and my memory. Life is picking up pace yet again, with the imminent arrival of a second son in approximately 7 weeks' time. I've witnessed already how quickly children change in short spaces of time and it's about time I committed to capturing our life regularly and wholeheartedly.

*Not really that much of a surprise.

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