4 June 2014


Since taking part in the 52 project and Living Arrows I have been taking an abundance of photos and choosing just one image per week is proving difficult. I'm trying so hard to force myself to be better at self-editing but it leaves so many images that I like behind that I have decided I have to do something with them.

I'm planning a monthly round-up of the outtakes, like a 'month in the life of' sort-a-thing - a bit like my ten on ten contributions so far.. I'm certain there's a linky going round that already does this - I need to find it! But expect that to be appearing shortly, even if I do have a lot of work to do - I'll be going back all the way to April at least and that's going to be a lot of photies.

A photo of my son | once a week | every week | in 2014

Chuck: you are blossoming my dear. You are like the seasons. You have a natural force and a sweet determination behind you pushing you forward every day.

You are fast becoming a little boy and we converse now, all the time. You told me your first story the other day. It talked about how our cat, Squeasel, was flitting between being trapped inside our kitchen bin and playing on the ipad. We needed to get her out of the bin and when we did, she put our other cat, Fat Pat, into the bin in her place. Obviously Pat now needed saving from the bin and from Squeasel, who kept putting her back into the bin; when she wasn't busy on the ipad. Obviously.

As each day progresses though, my respect for you grows. I'm working, constantly, on remaining compassionate and patient. I genuinely believe it's paying dividends though. You are so pleasant, friendly, calm, confident. I believe that having somebody you can constantly depend upon and trust is really enabling you to be yourself; without fear. Even though you probably aren't yet able to understand it fully, I think you know I always have your back. In fact, I don't think you have any clue of the alternative and that fills my soul. This is my goal.

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