8 May 2014

The 52 Project

So timekeeping is not my thing. I'm learning this about myself, it's not that hard to figure out I suppose but at least I am slowly learning important things about myself. I'm in the process of trying to make some internal changes, I'm trying to live life happier, more simply [thanks Jodi for the inspiration], with more gratitude and I'm bearing in mind how many improvements I could make to my housekeeping and timekeeping skills. It's a slow process as I don't want to beat myself up or convince myself that what I do now is not enough - I do enough of that already!

As for the 52 Project, well, I may not have been posting but I have at least been taking photos. My trouble comes when it's editing time. I don't yet know enough to always know what I want to do with an image or how. I'm figuring stuff out bit by bit so a lot of these images will almost be like guinea pigs and I imagine my editing style will hop about a bit until I find my niche. But that's no bad thing. It's a personal education, afterall.

So without further ado, here are portraits 10 through 15. Almost up-to-date! I will do this. I WILL.







10. Probably the last time you needed to wear your hat and coat combo this year. Always looking into the distance, rarely looking into the camera - not that I mind - so long as I get to see those steely-blue eyes.

11. You in a sea of children at one of your first ever birthday parties. This was the only shot I got of you interacting with the other children, you much preferred to play solo that day, it was only the lure of a marshmallow on a string that pulled you out of your own little party.

12. Starey sleepy eyes. A spot of babywearing with Daddy in the Lake District. We had a lovely, but exhausting, little break with your Aunt Amanda, Uncle Any [the 'man'] and your favourite cousin, Katherine.

13. Naked tunnel building. You're really beginning to enjoy exploring your own body and you revel in the feel of new textures and temperatures against your soft, peachy skin.

14. Such a sweet moment of deep thought. It's really difficult to catch you like this. You're almost always moving/doing. And crumbs. Oh the crumbs.

15. You were still my one-year-old at this point. You love your milk, now more than ever and that blanket. God forbid anything ever happen to that blanket. It's your crutch.

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