20 May 2014

Melting pot

Pale bluey-grey eyes, like mine, only brighter, shinier - younger.

Hair that grows like grass, like mine, only lighter, smoother and softer, like silk. But it still gets knotty as heck, like Mama's.

A chin that has yet to define itself as Mama's or Pappa's, but we're all praying for Daddy's chin.

Impressive hands, feet and height which has to be a Barker trait. I'm sure you'll grow up to be a bear one of these days.

Loud, crazy, energetic, wacky and loopy. And funny! You may very well grow up to be "weird and annoying", but in the most endearing of ways.

Impatient and grumpy in relation to lack of food and sleep. Sorry Floppit*, that's my bad.

Compassion and tenderness and free-love - all yours kiddo, all yours.

Truly giving and naturally friendly and so so trusting.

Stay you little man, stay you.

*My latest term of endearment for the little man. A natural combination of Flower and Poppet and I can't stop myself from saying it, no matter how daft it sounds.

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