15 April 2014

Ten on ten - April

A few months back I vowed to take part in Rebekah Gough's Ten on Ten project but the last month's 'tenth' was spent in a hospital ward and I had neither the time, nor inclination, to photograph the event - more on that to follow - but this month I was armed and primed to take part. Only, when it came to it, I found the task extremely stressful. It could have been partly down to the hormonal ebb and flow rising through my body on that particular day, or it could have been partly because I am so uninspired by my physical surroundings. I found it really difficult to find the beauty in my space and it highlighted to me how terribly boring these four walls are. There's certainly a few lessons to be learned by joining in on this project; that is my mindset could probably do with some attention, as could finding more ways to get out and explore more.

I tried very hard not to make this ten portraits of my son. So here goes...

1. First thing in the morning, every morning, he wakes, calls for "Mimi," "milk," and "Bybad," - aka iPad. He's totally convinced it belongs to him.
2. Waiting to see if my poppet was going to take a well needed nap. He didn't.
3. Partially eaten rice cakes and white bread. He's like Hansel and Gretel, he always leaves a trail behind so I can always find him.
4. A spot of colouring in the afternoon.
5. And the colouring moves to the garden.
6. A ginger face popping among the green of spring.
7. Peepo. Chuck looking very serious and quite certain that he is going to shut me out of the house.
8. A bit of orange to brighten up my world and the most productive plant I've ever owned, giving out five new flower heads in one week.
9. Circus tent fun before bedtime.
10. I've never drunk a beer so fast. It was a long day.


  1. Lovely images! I especially love your little one peeking through the door!

    1. Thank you Lila, really kind of you to take the time to view and comment. That shot of him through the door was such a fleeting moment, I'm so glad I managed to catch it and that you enjoyed it :)


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