2 March 2014

A picture of perfect health

Today I am playing catch up. 

Sickness lingered in the air around our home for days before it struck. First Chuck, then me. Then, a week later, Papa-bear was knocked off his feet as well. 

We all suffered from some sort of flu. Chuck bounced back fairly quickly but for the 24 hours that he was suffering most, he was quite inconsolable. Only a mammoth 3-hour nap at 10am [going for a nap that early is severely abnormal in this household] seemed to give him enough strength to be able to see the day through to the end. Thankfully, after that he seemed much brighter but he still took a few days to recuperate and I fell ill shortly afterwards so caring for my ill child whilst being sick myself was very draining. Thank goodness my husband was home from work and was able to look after me.

Then, nearly a week later, daddy came down with the bug too and so I had to put my nursing hat back on so that I could return the favour he'd graced me with earlier in the week. I'd barely got back on my feet and it took every-last ounce of energy in me to be able to do it.

We're all well again now. Hurrah. But it left me somewhat adrift and out of time with my The 52 Project and my Living Arrows contributions. Somehow, I am 4 weeks out of whack. What the? 

That's not to say I haven't been taking the photos, just that I haven't had the energy to do anything with them. I'm not going to beat myself up about this though; especially not after making Sunday dinner today which included 3-hour slow cooked belly pork - I think this wee mama-accolade more than makes up for my blog-tardiness. I hope.

So here it is, week 6-9...enjoy [I did :)]..

Week 6 - A trip to Sheffield's Millenium Galleries, before sickness struck. You were fascinated by the buttons on the 4-headed-spoon-robot. My love, you adore a good button. The light was so striking in there and you looked so peaceful even though you were massively overtired from an illness that was preparing to strike.

Week 7 - You are a joyful thing. You bounce about the living room and a smile is never far from your face. You're so funny. You really make me laugh, your sense of humour is breeding from within you and you make me laugh every day. You're witty and spontaneous and creative and so blimmin cute.

Week 8 - Your new favourite toy. You insisted on getting the ball pool balls out of their bag every morning and refused to let me put them away; even when you weren't playing with them. Then, in a flash of motherhood-genius, I decided to put them inside your crawl-through tent so that they wouldn't run amok with the living room and you've spent most of your days in there ever since. And I only have to chase after 10-15 balls a day, instead of 100. A wonderful meeting of minds and a fabulous compromise. Thank you for being so on-board with this idea.

Week 9 - Two of your most favourite things, on this planet. Your milk and your blanket. I don't know what you would do without these things. They keep your grounded and peaceful; they are truly your tonic.

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