8 February 2014

Living Arrows 5/52 - Exploring new spaces

Chuck enjoying the generous floor space in our new lounge

We recently moved into a much bigger house so that we could continue to grow as a family and find a home for our rapidly expanding possessions, as well as somewhere for Chuck to stretch his long-ass legs.

The size of the house fits the bill but it needs quite a bit of cosmetic work to make the space work for us*. I'm finding it pretty overwhelming and I just can't seem to find the right place to start. Everywhere I turn one task leads to another and although I'm aware I need to just start with its legs, all I see is the whole elephant. I'm finding it daunting and a little overwhelming but I'm hopeful that the inevitable turn of the seasons will help shift this feeling. Soon.

There is, however, one room in the house where the light is rejuvenating and that is in the living room. Everywhere else feels a little dingy to me, which is bad for my soul not to mention my seriously-lacking-in-skills photography. I'm a natural-light photographer, I don't know how to deal with a dark room with a camera.

So far the move hasn't turned out to be as exciting as I thought it would be and I'm put off by the long list of things to do, especially as we have no money to do it. But at least I can say that for Chuck the move has been successful. He settled in straight away and the space sure suits him. He seems drunk with space most days and really this is the only thing that matters. He has space to grow and throw himself around which he didn't have before. He doesn't care that the manky carpet is laden with hairs and dust and grime from other people. He couldn't give two hoots about the seriously creaky floorboards or the poorly fitted architraves. He is just being. He's exploring and growing and learning, rapidly, each day. Thank God I have this boy to ground me from time to time.

He really does teach me a thing or two.

This post was part of the Living Arrows project via the I Heart Snapping collective.

* Me, just me.. Always just me with the issues ;)

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