31 July 2013

Dear blog,

       I'm so sorry that our correspondence seems to have diminished to all-but silence. I feel terrible for abandoning you. I hope you don't feel too neglected. I can assure you that while I have been very quiet lately, I have been thinking about you. Although I've done a poor job lately of documenting our families life with you, I have been very been ensuring that our days are full. 

We have been oh-so-busy basking in the hottest summer the UK has seen in 7 years with many-a-day spent splashing around in paddling pools full of dried out leaves and floating spiders. We've been busy relocating all the pebbles in the back garden [mostly to inside the kitchen], taking trips to the seaside [not enough of them] and enjoyed weeks on end of wearing shorts and sleeping with the windows open. We have enjoyed endless conversations and new words, staring at wonderment at doggies in the park or squealing with delight at goats that live in the garden behind ours. We've been forging new friendships and nurturing existing ones. We've been bonding, learning and loving.

This summer has been a total treat. Not only because of the weather but also because our little family is embracing each and every day. Our little boy is growing at a speed yet to be determined by the world's greatest time lords and I've been terribly busy falling more and more in love with him every day.

Our world is so different these days and seeing our little boy grow and develop, so quickly, into a charismatic little man has been fulfilling to say the least. Sometimes I find myself marvelling at him and wishing I could freeze time and keep him like this forever but then I remember that this is not the role I am supposed to play. I am here to lead, guard and love. To make sure he is safe, happy and confident as he hops onto the next stepping stone of life. It can be bittersweet letting go of stages of your child's life that were just so heartwarming but I've come to accept that life is not to be lived in the past or the future; it is here and it is now and it is to be embraced and cherished. I have been trying to enjoy these moments as I am in them, rather than looking at my life through a lens. I have many a photo and video footage to share too, after all, a camera is never far from hand but I'd like to strike a healthier balance between enjoying the real and the now and live a little less retrospectively. Today is just as good today as it will be tomorrow.

I hope you know you are never too far from my thoughts and I will continue to come to you to share and document our lives. Just know that in my absence we are living and we are happy and we are very, very busy.

Much love, your lifelong friend,

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