6 May 2013

A moment alone

A moment alone to sit on back back-doorstep, sip a decaf coffee and munch my breakfast while soaking up the first offering of UV this country has had to offer this year is a rarity these days. As a mother, moments alone don't really exist. Unless you class sleeping as moments alone, and lord knows there isn't a lot of that going on these days either.

So to be sat here, alone - soaking in my fair share of vitamin D - is a pure and fleeting treat. You learn to accept these small moments as precious when you have children. They're like a mega-quick-power-up and they leave you pumped and ready. Ready for when that adventurous,curious and energetic baby wakes from his nap. They leave you ready and able to give and receive the love and fun that bursts from every seam of your child.

These moments don't last long. But when I'm lucky enough get one, I sit and let my brain stop. Stop for a moment to rest and reflect. Reflect upon how fabulously lucky I am to be in this position. To have this sweet and amazing boy. To be his mummy. It lets you put those tired, grumpy and irritable moments, that can sometimes make being a mamma so difficult, to bed. To remember how utterly blessed I am to be the person who gets to raise this boy. To watch him grow and smile each day.

When you're a mama, moments alone are rarely moments alone because the first thing that springs to mind is that little person who made you crave this moment alone in the first place. This is the beauty of being a mama; this ain't no part-time gig. And I love it.


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