26 April 2013

365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months....1 year

My baby is one year old. Today.

We had grand plans for intimate celebrations including great friends, balloons and a baby let loose with 3 dozen donuts. The day didn't pan out as planned and a nasty bout of severe teething sidelined all of our planned activities. A pretty sad ending to what has been a terrifically chilled week away with our two besties and our best-boy.

We've tried to not dwell on it though, vowing to 'try-again' tomorrow. And the day wasn't a complete disaster. After all, Chuck got to play in a playground this morning in his pyjamas at 8am and, after our we got over the day's first teething hump, we spent a bit of time at a local butterfly/animal park which Chuck seemed to enjoy very much. The day was not totally lost.

I can hardly believe that this time last year I was cosying down in my hospital bed with an 11-hour-old baby nestled atop of my chest. This year that same baby is soundly asleep in his own bed. He has grown so very much since the day I gave birth. He has learned and accomplished so much in that short space of time. But his biggest accomplishment so far has to be his ability to continually make my capacity to love him grow with each day. I'm a mum, so yeah, I love that boy like hell, but his little face and expanding personality makes me fall deeper and harder for him every day.

This sweet, fun, energetic and loving boy - who has so much joy in his eyes - is a blessing to my life. He is a privilege and I'm so excited to celebrate each coming year with him, even if I do wish I could keep him my sweet baby forever.

Happy first birthday, Charles Henry Buddy Barker. You make my world go round.



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