28 February 2013

Failings of a blogger

When I started this blog my main goal was to share and document our journey into parenthood and beyond. So far, I've completely failed. I want to write great, emotive posts about how I feel about my son so badly. The huge amounts of pressure I've put on myself to write 'well' has meant that I've scared myself into writing nothing at all and while I have experienced many-a-beautiful-moment like the one in the picture above, that's indelibly etched on my heart, there are thousands more sat dormant on a memory card. Gathering virtual dust. How terribly sad.

This is an injustice to my son and to my family. And so, I should post no matter how many words I can, or cannot, string together. Because, y'know what..sometimes words just aren't necessary. I'd rather take a silent walk down memory lane, than take none at all.

I haven't be able to do the love I have for my baby justice with words. But hopefully I do an okay enough job of showing him with my actions each day. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to capture one of those moments, and when I do, I'll be sure to do better at sharing them here.

I love you dear boy. Now, more than ever - you completely crazy-cute-ass-tiger-scamp.


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