9 October 2012

Catching up; Round 2

Way back in August, my family and I took a trip out to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to celebrate my mother's birthday. It really has taken me this long to pull my finger out my a*se and edit the pictures and post them...somewhere along the way I got massively sidetracked! I wonder what/who by??

It was a sweet day, although I got massively stressed about Chuck not getting a nap... we had lunch together and then a stroll around the grounds and paid a visit to their awesome gift shop. So many sweet things in there for kiddies along with some pretty badass pieces of artwork. One day I'll make some purchases and will spend A. LOT. OF. MONEY.

The sweetest part of the day, for me, was that it was almost exactly a year ago to the day that my husband and I came to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to get our latest Rob Ryan acquisition signed by the lovely guy himself. It was our first gift to our unborn child and we met my sister and her boyfriend here on that day too. But what made this latest visit sweet was knowing that this time it was my sister who was about to embark on the most adventurous journey of all as she was at about the same gestation as I was on my visit the very year before. Knowing a little about the road ahead I was feeling very excited, humbled and a little emotional for her.

It's pretty awesome looking back at these pictures. It makes me realise how many things slip by you in the blink of an eye when you become a parent. I mean, how did I not notice my son was going completely bald?? He's been very busy since then, working hard on growing it back. That boy will have one badass head of hair. Eventually. You mark my words!!



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