18 September 2012

.. All in a day's work..

.. ..these are the tools I'm having to employ to get through breastfeeding these days. It seems my breastfeeding issues just won't subside. From recurrent mastitis, to nipple blisters and more; I'm struggling to make it through the day on little/no sleep whilst enduring the side effects of defunct breasts.

I'm blaming myself, a mother's prerogative, for this for no real reason other than the fact that I'm the one doing the feeding. I'm feeling like I'm failing Charlie in some way because I can't seem to get through a month without another breastfeeding problem and his lack of sleeping through the night only exasperates the issue. And this too, is obviously my fault. Or at least that's how I feel. Surely there's something I should be doing? If only I knew what it was....


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