19 September 2012

The return of... Whingy Wednesdays

CHBB at 20 weeks looking rather special. Something for him to complain about when he is old enough..

I thought it was high time I brought this old feature back into play. I needed a place to air my grievances during my pregnancy - pregnancy made me a little angry at times - so I created Whingy Wednesday's in order to contain my complaints and stop me from getting carried away. I decided to stop the feature after a few posts as I calmed down considerably once I was well into my second trimester but I've found as a new mama I can do what i do best again and find a couple of things to whinge about; mostly sleep deprivation and sore boobs.

This time I'll try to strike a balance between complaining about motherhood and highlighting the sheer joys too, because let's face it they far outweigh the negatives. I'm thinking a Marvellous Monday, or Fabulous Thursday... Or something along those lines might be in order to keep the equilibrium.

You can remind yourself of just how miserable I can be by catching up on my previous WW below, enjoy! ;)
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8 years on..

8 years ago today I embarked on a new, and in my opinion risky, relationship.... I started dating my best friend. This was a big decision for me as I was terrified of ruining of brilliant friendship; little did I know that 6 years later we'd be walking down the aisle together, hand in hand, as husband and wife.

We've been pretty busy having fun during those 8 years and for the last year or so we've been working very hard on creating and enjoying our new family. 

We're having to make quite a few adjustments but this little man has slipped very comfortably into our new life.

Life is good. Life is beautiful.

Happy anniversary MB. I love you.



18 September 2012

.. All in a day's work..

.. ..these are the tools I'm having to employ to get through breastfeeding these days. It seems my breastfeeding issues just won't subside. From recurrent mastitis, to nipple blisters and more; I'm struggling to make it through the day on little/no sleep whilst enduring the side effects of defunct breasts.

I'm blaming myself, a mother's prerogative, for this for no real reason other than the fact that I'm the one doing the feeding. I'm feeling like I'm failing Charlie in some way because I can't seem to get through a month without another breastfeeding problem and his lack of sleeping through the night only exasperates the issue. And this too, is obviously my fault. Or at least that's how I feel. Surely there's something I should be doing? If only I knew what it was....

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