9 August 2012

Catching up..

..while my little one sleeps a lot [during the day only] I thought I'd try and catch up on the last 3 month's worth of fun. it'll be sporadic and random - we have 1000s of images in some kind of crazy order to sift through - but you should be able to get an idea of the kind of fun and frolics we've been having together. I'm starting with a couple of snaps from father's day. Hopefully I'll be able to expand on this visually as I know there are some images that are mysteriously missing..namely ones of my two boys together enjoying the day..but for now a couple of snaps of the gift that my boy got his father for his very first father's day.....

MB was lucky enough to have a son who knew about his penchant for spicy, sticky, flavoured meat. So CB was very pleased to have stumbled upon the California Rancher range, found via the ever popular NOT ON THE HIGH STREET

Mummy helped out a little by getting a card for CB to dictate a message into, she might have helped a little with the wrapping and purchase of the gift too!

Needless to say we didn't waste any time enjoying the rich flavours of this box of goodies. A meat feast was enjoyed by all that evening.

nom nom.

We think Papa Bear enjoyed his first father's day.


ps my favourite is the oaky & smoky. Makes a bad-ass chilli...mmmn

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