25 July 2012

Happy birth-day

I can hardly believe that 12 13 weeks ago my little boy, Charles Henry Buddy Barker, arrived into our world turning everything on its head. During that time I've really wanted to share more about our journey here but, as any new mama will testify, life with a baby has a different pace to the one you become accustomed to as a child-free-adult. Even now, as I'm writing this post, I know I wont get it finished before my sweet child wakes and demands to take my* time off me - and this post will go and join the several other posts that have been gathering dust in my 'drafts' folder since 'Scrobble' was born...

Charles Henry Buddy @ 5 minutes of age

Not that I mind. I don't mind. At all. In fact, sometimes I secretly want him to wake up so he can entertain me. But getting used to the changes that a baby brings does take some getting accustomed to.

For the last 12 [now 13] weeks Charlie and I have been finding our feet, both together and individually in our new roles. We're both still learning but we've gotten ourselves to a nice place**. One where we understand and respect each other. We know what each other needs. Just about most of the time.

Charles Henry Buddy @ 12 weeks of age

I'm very lucky in that I have a super pleasant, happy little boy***. He's head strong though and knows his mind. He's impatient and has an insatiable appetite. He loves his sleep [even though he hasn't quite gotten to grips with sleeping through the night. Yet.]

He is rather like his mother. Aside from the sleeping through the night thing. Before Charlie arrived that was something I had on lock-down!

He is strong, a fast learner and grower. He is most certainly in a hurry to grow up. He surprises me and makes me smile each and every day. He is a total chatterbox. And a very clever little boy.

Happy birthday my sweetheart! Mama loves you. xoxo

And what a wonderful day it is to be celebrating my little boy's 12th week, the very same day that my sister receives this life-changing picture...

...of her 12 week old baby, the one that's nestled inside her body. She's following in my recent footsteps and is now on the journey to become a mother. I'm so excited for her. No-one can say it'll be easy but you can be sure it will be one damn fine and rewarding experience. Motherhood is all I dreamt it would be and more and my little Charlie-boy will have a little friend to play with sometime in February 2013.

Life is sweet.

Life is beautiful.

*a none existent phenomena 
**man alive I spoke TOO soon. From the conception of this post, to the eventual completion of it, things have changed! Drastically. The tardy arrival of the British summer, teething and a growth spurt put us to the test. My boy has been so out of sorts as a result and it's been very upsetting. There have been tears [from both parties] and sleepless nights. We're trying our best to plough through to the other side and get back on track.
***gah. See above.

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