22 June 2012

A letter to my boy.

Dear Charlie,

My sweet boy. I wanted to tell you how I feel about you. The shortest way to tell you how I feel about you is simply; I love you. But this doesn't do you enough justice, the way I feel is so much more than loving you.

For the last 8 weeks - and for 9 sweet months before that - I have been with you. 24/7. Getting to know you. I've watched you sleep and fretted when you've cried. I've marvelled at the speed of which you're learning new skills and I feel so proud of you each time you accomplish each of the challenges you have to overcome each day in your tiny, tiny world.

Each day my heart has begun to swell more and more with love and affection towards you. I think about you all the time and I miss the feel of your warm little body while you're sleeping. Your smile and laugh is infectious and they make mine and Papa's heart bounce around with joy inside our chests.

You are a living, breathing source of ultimate happiness for us both.

As each day passes I watch your hair thicken and darken; your eyelashes growing longer by the day and I wait to see what colour your eyes will be. Brown like daddy's, or blue like mummy's? I'll put my neck on the line and say they'll stay blue - like your mama's. I listen to your slow and soft breath as you sleep; your angry cry as you tell me you're hungry and your snuffles and sniffles as you feed. We especially like the goose noise you make during a feed.

You are already displaying some of your future personality traits and I sometimes get glimpses of what you may be like as a little boy. You have an insatiable appetite just like your mummy and you are impatient and slightly grumpy from time to time (something else you'll have picked up from me). You are easy going and happy. You are determined and brave (like your daddy). I predict you will be a very happy, giggly little boy. You are strong. You are bright. You are gorgeous.

There will come a day when you're too busy living your life to be thinking about your gushing mummy, but I can promise you that I will always be thinking of you. You won't fully understand what I'm trying to tell you for a very long time, perhaps not until you have a boy or girl of your own.

I'm blessed beyond belief to have such a delightful boy. A son. My son.

But you are so much more than a child to me. You are an extension of me, you are part of me and you carry my heart with you wherever you go. You have made two very happy people happier than they ever thought possible.

You are one loved child.

All my love & more,
Mama Bear.

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  1. You made me shed a tear! I know exactly where your coming from xx


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