4 May 2012

May I introduce to you...

...a very special little boy.

Please welcome my little boy; Charles Henry Buddy Barker.

Chuck Barker @ 6 days old

Our little darling child was born at 00.02am on 26th April 2012 weighing 7lb 10oz (addaboy). The birth was quite the experience but it went very well with no complications and he was born very, very fast. It took a little while to sink in but I'm pleased with how it went and very VERY proud of my body and my boy for working so well together to bring him to us safely. If it were left to my brain then who knows how it would have gone.

I'll be doing a birth story and a week in the life of my boy post very soon, once we've got the bank holiday masses out of the waym, and maybe after starting to get to grips with being a mama. Life certainly isn't the same.

I've never felt so full of love and terror at the same time. This is going to be one helluva ride.

I'm in love with another Barker boy.

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