15 April 2012

im your biggest fan

with only 8 days left till my due date* i thought i ought to come good on my promise to scrobble and write his/her very first note. it's a short and sweet note to my bebe - one of many more to come. i plan on saving up all my notes to give to scrobble when he/she is older. i'm keeping what's inside to myself until i pass these onto scrobble but the sentiment on the front of the card should give you a general idea of the kind of words that will sit inside this notecard, unread, for many years.

i was actually lucky enough to win this card on the 'lucky friday' giveaway from hello lucky - the awesome letterpress studio, founded by Sabrina and Eunice in the US. i've long been a fan of their work and have ordered a few bits [like this fabulous book & this terribly cute onesie for the birth of my friend's daughter] from their site previously. they have a branch based in the uk thankfully [the US is so far away...] and i have to say, the service i received was pretty-damn-awesome so i was as pleased as punch to win one of their giveaways. i think it may be one of the very few things i've ever won!

scrobble - i really hope you will like your card and note from mama b. i canny wait to give it to you.


*i have long predicted [hoped] that scrobble will be born before the estimated due date [22nd april]. we had a mini sweepstake between myself and MB's parents and my guess was for bebe to be born tomorrow [15th]. that's looking increasingly unlikely now as we're one minute into this day and there isn't a great deal going on in the labour department. that said things have started to change; a sudden increase in boob-age for one, along with many a twinge, tweak and moan [mostly from my husband due to my ever increasing bad-mood. sorry honey!] so you never know! bebe may be making its journey into this world.

then again, maybe not. BUT i have been pretty sharp on my bebe gender predictions in the past and my husband always accuses me of making it up as i never SAY IT OUT LOUD. least, not whilst he's listening! ;)

so, i am saying it now. i think this bebe will come before the 22nd april.

if i'm wrong. i'm wrong. s'all good.

we'll see.

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