13 April 2012

days out

today i was lucky enough to get out for a trip up to leeds to meet one of my best girls, gemma, and her little crew. we took a trip around canal gardens/tropical world at roundhay park, leeds. canal gardens is age old establishment around the leeds area with some very pretty landscaped gardens to wander around [complete with mini canal - obvs] and on the inside a pretty awesome display of tropical animals; butterflys, exotic birds, reptiles, fish and more! turns out this place is a great place to take the kiddies - not only because of the great animals on display but it is FREE for kiddies under 5 and pretty cheap for adults too, at around three or four quid.

i took some snaps as we went round the tropical world animal display...

gemma's weenies are too cute at the best of times and today was no different with her little boy, marley, racing around each tank searching for the animal or creepy crawly inside. little honey was never far behind and just as interested in all the fabulous animals on display.

i was lucky enough to have a butterfly come to say 'hi' for long enough for me to get a snap or two of the little thing resting on my arm. i also had a duck fly right at my face but that was a slightly less pleasurable experience and i certainly didn't have time to take a picture - i was too busy ducking [ha] and screaming like the wuss that i am.

i'm sure everyone would agree that gemma has two beautiful children who are a delight to be around and it is testament to her and her hubby, clarke, that their kiddies are so lovely. just like their mama and papa!

we love them very much here in this household and we can't wait to join the parenting adventure ride with them very VERY soon.

much love to you gem and thanks for a lovely day! :))


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