12 April 2012

countdown to the big day..

my maternity leave is whizzing by in a blur. i started this 6 week break slow and sluggish. now i'm finding i'm trying to grab onto time with both hands in an attempt to slow it down as it flies past me and heads straight into parenthood and the future. i now have 10 days left till my due date. TEN FREAKING DAYS.

i'm split in two emotionally about this. i am beyond excited to meet our bebe, my body couldn't be any more ready to deliver this child and both myself and my husband are truly thrilled about meeting our child.


how did we get here so quickly? how is my list of 'things to do before bebe gets here' not even close to completion? how am i going to cope and what the hell am i going to do with a baby. i mean, one that's not in my belly and is here, now. and needs me. all the time.

in all honesty i'm probably not as anxious as i make out. the excitement at the thought of meeting Scrobble and starting the next chapter of our lives really does thrill me. and in a sick and sadistic way, i'm looking forward to the birth. or more so having my torso back, being able to keep my dinner down and not feeling like i want to chop both my legs off as soon as i lay down to sleep.

there's no denying the latter stages of the third trimester have been challenging. if i had shares in Rennie and Gaviscon i'd have bumped up the value of them ten-fold by now. They must make a good portion of their profits from pregnant women!!

eating, once a true joy of mine, has now become a terrifying chore - something i'd rather avoid altogether now that my stomach literally sits in my mouth. as for the other big love of my life.... SLEEP....well that's gone too. earlier and earlier i rise. more and more night-time trips to the toilet do i take. sleeping is also something i've come to try and avoid. and if you know me, you'll know how big a statement that actually is!!

having said all of that though, none of this has broken my spirit. i've tried to take it all in my stride and accept it as part of the journey. it's not all sweetness and light - creating and carrying a baby for 9 months is one heck of a tough job - but it's so rewarding. it's an experience and an honour to be able to do this, to keep our little one safe and well until he or she is ready to come and meet us. and as they say, is something worth doing if it's too easy..?

all i know is this baby and i have worked hard for the last 9 months, we're both ready [just about] for the next stage of our lives together and it is JUST around the corner.

holy moly.

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