4 April 2012

cherished memories

photo courtesy of thinkfoto.dk

i am a lucky. lucky girl.

i have a super beautiful and terribly talented friend who just keeps on populating our photo album with more and more amazing photos. 

my dearest friend, Hazel, popped over to see me a couple of weeks ago whilst she was on a very busy trip to the UK. Hazel lives and works in Denmark but managed to fit in a whistle-stop-visit to Whiston to catch up with me [after what feels like an age apart - i haven't seen her since last may!], come say 'hi' to my Scrobble-belly for the first time and to take some bloody incredible shots of my bebe-belly.

it was lovely as ever to catch up with her and always so sad to have to say goodbye. we never seem to have long enough together. 

unsurprisingly i am blown away by the beautiful shots she's produced for our memory banks. AGAIN -Hazel and her partner in crime, Martin, are the creative force behind thinkfoto, and they took our amazing wedding photos too!

we're very lucky to have such wonderful friends and we're so so grateful to them for every pixel they've ever created for us. we are so blessed to have our favourite memories captured forever in such a stunning way.

you can check out more of the photos HERE.



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