21 March 2012

Dear scrobble...

A few weeks ago I decided to write to our Bebe. I promptly wrote my first letter to our tiny little child, saved it as a draft to come back to later and BAM, 5 weeks later here it is - finally getting dusted off and pulled out of the drafts. I'll be writing to Scrobble periodically, some will be to share here and some will be handwritten little notes that I'm going to save up to give to Scrobble when he/she is older.


Dearest Scrobble,

We've been together for 30 weeks now and in 10 weeks time* we'll get to meet for the first time. Your Papa and I are both super excited to meet you, we think about you all the time. Not that you ever give me chance to forget... you're always reminding me you're already here, with a quick foot or hand jab - which still fascinates me.

You're growing nice and big now even though you're still tucked up inside my small belly. You're around 40cms long and you weigh as much as a cabbage. Soon, you'll be much bigger than this and we'll have to find a way to get you out of my belly and into this big old world of ours. We're not sure how we'll get you out as you seem very comfy laying across my belly, instead of lying head down and feet upwards [like you're supposed to be]**. You still have plenty of time to move so we'll probably be ok in the end but if you don't move the doctors might want to cut you out of me. Sounds gruesome, I know, but I'm told by lots of Mama's that its fine. We dont mind so long as you get to us safely.

There's one very special friend of ours that we would have loved you to have met, but he had to go away before you got here. BUT we have lots of pictures to show you and tons of stories to tell about him. Although you won't be able to meet him, we're sure you'll love him as much as we do and he'll love and watch out for you from afar too. He'll be your best friend just like he has been to us.

Your papa and I already love you very much and were really excited about our future together.

Until next time, all my endless love
Mama Bear

*I guess this all depends on when you decide to join us - but it shouldn't be too much longer either way..
**Look who finally got into the right position! You clever, clever bebe - and look at that sweet smile. You make my heart melt already.


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