The day that changed everything. The day I found out I’m going to be a mom.

12 March 2012

day #1

this is it. the time has is the first day of my year-long maternity leave. there are 41 days left till our little-busy-bee bebe is due to arrive and i've compiled an ambitious list of things i'd like to achieve in that time.

41 days to:

become a master baker
get a [long-overdue] haircut
prepare mentally for giving birth
learn to sew [once i've got my sewing machine up and running again]
restore some furniture
become an awesome housewife & cook
finish off our bebe's nursery
rest my weeble like body
get some sleep
recruit someone to paint the toes that i can no longer reach...
...and many many more...

BUT, i am easing myself into this mission gently and today i have mostly achieved;
getting dressed
washing some clothes
making a list

all in all it's been a pretty relaxed day. something i'll be sure to include more of on that to-do list!

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