8 February 2012

Count down to Labour-day

Newborn bebe image courtesy of The Bloom Forum via Pinterest

As of today I am 29+4 weeks pregnant. I’m on the cusp of being 30 weeks pregnant, which for me, feels like a pretty big milestone. In 74 days I will reach my baby’s due date. And I cant quite believe how quickly time is beginning to fly by. Nor am I able to contain my excitement about it. As each day passes I become more and more thrilled at the prospect of meeting our sweet little child. Even if it is a teensy bit naughty*.

As for how the pregnancy is going, well, I cant sleep for toffee; I wake up a million times a night for no apparent reason; I cant leave the house without an industrial bottle of prescribed heartburn relief; I feel like I weigh a ton and wearing a bra of any kind just leaves me wriggling around in pain [I wont admit to how many times I have secretly removed my bra whilst at work]. But all of that slides straight into the back of my mind because I’m full to the brim with a sweet wriggling baby, hope, happiness and positivity. My heart is bursting with joy and love and I’m fit to burst, emotionally. I am 100% hooked, addicted and in totally love with our little bebe. And life. Everything is great and I cant wait for the future.

**I truly feel on top of the world and very very BLESSED. I’ve had such a wonderful pregnancy; I cant wait to meet our bebe and begin the next chapter of our adventure.**

In four weeks and 2 days I finish at work. I am wholeheartedly ready to begin my journey of preparation at home. I have so much to do around the house to fill my time with as well as mentally preparing for the birth and for becoming a mamma.
I have so many topics that I’d like to share in the coming weeks, but for the time being I’m holding back a little until I finish work.

You can expect lots of the following in the coming weeks –

·         Project nursery [this one is quietly ticking away in the background and I’m getting ready to start sharing our plans and accomplishments very soon]
·         Labour/birth plan [this is one for when I’ve finished work, where I can really spend some quality time thinking about what I’d like. I do have some ideas on the type of birth I’d like and I’ll be sharing some of those thoughts in the lead up to bebe b’s arrival]
·         Baby names [just how the heck do you choose one! We have a book of 10,000 baby names and still we have no name for our child]
·         Parenting hopes [I’ll be sharing all our hopes and desires for the kind of parents we wish to be – and then sharing how they end up panning out as I’m sure we’ll have to adapt some of those plans somewhere along the line]
·         Papa bear on ‘becoming a daddy’ [I’m planning a feature where I’ll ask my lovely boy to share his thoughts on pregnancy; preparing to become a papa; labour and fatherhood – I’m hoping this will offer an interesting insight into the minds of papa’s to be.

*Or should I say shy? We had a failed attempt at a 4D scan recently. Our blessed child was laid across my belly in the transverse position with his or her little hands covering its face. This position is the worst position for bebe to be in for this kind of scan, so we’re told, though I’m not quite sure I understand why it makes it so difficult but there you have it. Our child doesn’t want to be seen before it is ready and that is fair enough I do suppose. We will be going back in a couple of weeks for a second attempt and time will tell if the little one is feeling more sociable by then.


  1. Oh its lovely to hear you so excited and full of joy, its such an exciting time isn't it. (and maternity leave is pretty sweet too!) The next ten weeks will fly! I've got a week to go and just feel a bit massive and a bit in denial at the moment, and I've forgotten what its like to be able to breathe, oh well!

    1. thanks sarah! i'm very giddy and def enjoying the pregnancy though after watching OBEM last night i'm not so sure about labour anymore?!? cant believe you only have a week left till your due date! it must be perfectly natural to be in denial a little by that point but how exciting that you get to meet your little one anytime now. ALL the best for the delivery and please do let me know when the little one arrives.


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