19 January 2012

the things they dont tell you about pregnancy - part II week 16 - 26

image from e*airfuly via flickr

your baby's kicks can be felt in all manner of areas - some where other people wont be able to feel...no matter how much they ask - and this kind will startle you every time. the rest are awesome though and you'll more than likely develop an obsession with them - it's more addictive than crack. you'll bore your partner to death with it. no matter how much you try or how much they're digging the pregnancy thing, they just dont have the patience to sit there for hours on end waiting for the baby to do 'another huge kick'.. but when they do, oh their faces. such a delight to see papa b's face light up when his little boy or girl thumps him  in the palm of his hand.

bras will become your nemesis - your stomach will relocate to underneath your boobs and every time you eat you'll want to cry until you can remove your bra/all your clothes. it's painful, uncomfortable and irritates your new found relationship with heartburn. if you're lucky you'll escape this fate but my earlier [and rather hopeful] post about finally finding some suitable underwear was premature. i cannot find a bra that offers comfort, good fit AND any kind of sense of style. i aint talking victoria secrets style here - i'm not after much. if i could find a comfortable bra that fits i'd happily sack off any hope of style - but they're all horrendously uncomfortable. i'm even contemplating going commando in this department; it's getting that bad. and i aint talking about carrying around no fried eggs... it wont be pretty if i go down this route.

you'll put on weight - totes obvs right? well no. I mean, you won't necessarily be any fatter but you'll be heavier. you'll feel it too and if u have to travel up 3 flights of stairs multiple times in a day whilst at work [like me] it'll damn near kill you. babies, and all the stuff packed round em, are HEAVY and that extra 40-50% more blood you're pumping around your body is bloody knackering too.

you'll love your baby - deeply, before you even lay eyes on it. part of the wonders of being pregnant. you'll develop an affection and bond with your baby without ever having met it and it is truly amazing. and a blessing. one of the many perks of being pregnant. and there are perks. i promise.

your 2nd trimester will whizz by - enjoy it, do as many fun things with your boy as you can and document it all, especially your belly. it will creep up on you - and before you know it you'll be teetering on the edge of your third trimester - and that means BABY. like, soon!!


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