28 January 2012


i thought it was about bloody time i came to say 'happy 2012'. i overshot the 'happy new year' welcome by a mile and reckoned i'd better acknowledge 2012 before january passes us by. i 'just' made it huh.

so to bring you up to date;


we had the pleasure of cooking for my family [ma p, sister & beau] on xmas day and served our attempt at jamie oliver's turkey wellington [pictured above]. we lost quite a bit of the cranberry stuffing but the turkey was so DAMN moist it didn't matter. i've never enjoyed turkey so much in my life and it was well worth the time and effort preparing. i'd be tempted to have another go next christmas.

then we moseyed on up to leeds to spend boxing day with the barker clan. that was one crazy/loud/stressful/hectic/lovely day. the noise, volume of people and child orientated frenzy sent me into a bit of a panic. it got me to thinking what on earth will we do next christmas when we will have [what will then be] a 6 month old to take charge of. the noise and chaos was too much for me to bear so i think simplicity is going to be key for 2012. that or we do a runner and hide in a log cabin somewhere..

in between xmas and new year we managed to fit in a mini cruise to bruges [our 2nd time aboard the Pride of York]. bruges remains a beautiful place to visit - we really love bruges - but it was so damn busy and traipsing around crowds of people, fairly heavily pregnant whilst NOT being able to enjoy the best bit of bruges [the beer] left us feeling a little frazzled. we'd go again and again in a heartbeat but perhaps not at that time of year and maybe without a little bubba in my belly..

*new year*

was a very dignified event spent with a couple of friends and their wee child. it was a sober [for me] and quiet affair with a place to rest my increasingly heavy body. however, i didn't manage to get the 'hangover free' feeling i was after after we were kept awake till the very early hours by the neighbours having an obscenely loud classical music party. i did not expect to be kept awake by pavarotti on repeat on NYE and was rather disgruntled when i woke up feeling as rough as i would have had i been partaking in the booze.

exhausted, we returned home ready to cabbage ourselves on the sofa for a week, when we were disturbed by my dear husband having an interesting episode that resulted in a phone call to the NHS helpline and a trip to A&E. all turned out to be well and my boy wasn't dying after-all but he was diagnosed with experiencing anxiety attacks and has been quite disturbed by them ever since. we're working on getting him better and will prob post more on that laters!


i'm 28 weeks pregnant TODAY. all is going beautifully - thank the lord - and i'm genuinely enjoying this ride now and have been for some time. our baby is growing well and developing every day. the little beast kicks me with enthusiasm each day and i'm hooked on it. watching my belly expand at a rate of knots and seeing my bellybutton holding on for dear life is a little daunting but any of those fears are blown to smithereens as soon as the little one nudges me in the side or shoves a foot under my ribs [i'm not sure how it's managed to get up there so soon!].

we have booked in for a 4D scan which happens this friday coming and we're super excited to see our bebe again and see how much our tiny little dancer has developed.

i finish work in 6 weeks.

and. i got milk! yellow, scary, 'what the hell is that coming out of my nipples' milk! i honestly thought my nipples were rotting at first and the idea of stuff coming out my nipples felt a little alien to me but as mb rightly put it my body 'is getting ready to feed scrobble'. i'm ok with it now but the nipple pads might be making an early appearance if my milk glands keep up the good work.

bodies really are quite amazing and fascinating. especially the tiny little one nestled inside of mine.

*moving forward in 2012*

our plans to create our bebe's resting place in our home have begun and we're working on creating a space just for bebe b. it's a mix up of decorating, design and huge changes in our levels of home organisation. i'll be starting a series of posts very soon documenting our progress now that 'project nursery' has really begun. i'll be sharing some nursery inspiration, along with documenting our progress as we go and i cant wait to share. it's the most exciting and rewarding thing i've embarked on for a little while.


i hope everyone is having a brill 2012 so far. i for one am v excited about this magical year. :))

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