20 December 2011

whingy wednesdays

This week has been tough. Not specifically pregnancy related, more likely to do with sheer exhaustion. I am officially ready for the Christmas break. Here are a few other contributing factors to my deathly bad mood this week -

*maternity underwear* I decided that I couldn't wait till new year before I invested in some new bras. I'd had a growth spurt and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Off I headed to Marks & Spencer's to be fitted properly, like a good pregnant woman does. I was handed a multitude of depressing bras, of which none fit. Finally I settled on a plain, dull and rather drab number that I thought would do to see me through Christmas. I was then informed by the assistant that I was leaving with a 34G bra. I walked in wearing a 32D! I met my husband after and cried. Not only was I wearing a parachute, I was wearing a hella ugly one, in the biggest size they offered. Where the hell was I to go from here with another 3 or so months of growth left in these badboys? To say I was depressed is an understatement. Thankfully my boy came to my rescue and purchased a few options from the much more pregnancy friendly figleaves.com. I'm pleased to say I'm now a much more manageable 34E -though bra shopping will never hold the same charm for me again as it did pre pregnancy.

*fading into the background* there's a good few months until I'm due to leave work but I already feel like I'm fading into the background. I don't know if I'm participating in the development of this but I do feel like people are beginning to forget about me already. It's a strange, melancholy feeling.

*stretch marks* I can feel my skin getting ready to rip. There's no real sign of damage as yet but my sides itch like hell and a can't get the cream in thick enough or fast enough to ease it. I'm preparing for the arrival of Mr & Mrs Stretchmarks any day now.

*restless legs* restless everything. Sleep has once again become disturbed, this time by restless or numb legs, achy ribs, sore belly a full bladder or a slightly over-zealous husband searching for cuddles (and being quite prepared to accept them from my pregnancy pillow). I'm waving goodbye to my sleep, round two.

*baby kicks* don't just occur in the stomach. That's all I need say there, except for boy does a kick of this kind startle you.

*2011* I'm just over this year. Except for the Christmas part, the rest can just do one already. I'm exceptionally tired, grumpy and ready for some respite. Thankfully mb and I are taking a little mini cruise to Bruges between Xmas and new year to recharge and chill. Shame I can't endulge in my favourite beverage while I'm there; Belgian beer.

*computers* my mac appears to have died a death. Fucking great.

Picture: portrait of myself by my delightful husband.


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