12 December 2011

whingy wednesdays

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here we are again with another very late-in-the-day whingy wednesday.  it's getting harder each week to find something to whinge about as i'm truly beginning to enjoy this pregnancy now. and what with christmas a mere 11 days away i'm brimming with excitement. i cant tell you how ready scrobble and i are for a few mince-pie-fuelled days off.

still i dont like to disappoint so i've rumbled up a few complaints from the depths of my christmas spirit:

*long distance friends* - all my best girlies live a variety of unmanageable distances away. from my girl in leeds who's gallavanting around vietnam with her new husband, to my girl over the top of the pennines with her sweet and inspirational family to my brit girl MOH currently residing [and working her ass off] in denmark. they're all so far away. and i do not get to see them half as much as i would like.

sharing my first pregnancy has been an experience i've been dying to share with them all and it's so difficult when the distances we are from each other really impact how often we get to see each other.

it's quickly coming up to a year since i saw my friend hazel in denmark and recent bad news implies that it's going to be some time till i see her again. we'll probably have our child here with us by then and in my book that aint sharing this experience at all. it's totally freakin bypassing it. it makes me sad but there aint nothin i can do about it but get on with it. i just know that when scrobble does arrive things will be just that bit harder still to get out there and see my girls. 

*underwear* you know your body is changing beyond recognition when your knickers dont fit over your hips anymore. sure i knew things would grow. i knew my trousers, tops and bras would need upgrading to allow for developments but my knickers, my KNICKERS. i had not considered this to be a potential threat. foolishly.

*the return of the dreaded tiredness* it could be my body winding down for christmas or it could be baby telling me to take it easy but boy am i tired again. i'm still having very restless nights sleep and the weight of my increasing uterus is evermore present at night when i fall onto my back in my slumber. it's so much harder than it sounds sleeping on your side. all. the. time. i wake up often with a very peculiar sensation in my legs and stomach that is really impossible to describe, other than to say it feels wrong. your body is clever enough to wake you to tell you to shift over, it just renders you knackered in the process.



  1. I have a little girl who would very much like to get in on your pregnancy, not the same I know but when can we visit, or, can we coordinate a visit to your mums? xxx

  2. obviously we'd love a visit from the three of you. there may even be a present or two under the tree for biscuit. how about sometime in the new year? :) xx

  3. I'm feeling your pain with the uncomfortable in bed thing, like I've been sleeping on the floor all night instead of in my used to be comfy bed, my hips are killing me!

    Sad to hear some of your friends are far away, I know the feeling and it's hard :( time goes so quickly doesn't it. Hope you magically get to see them soon xxx

  4. hi sarah! looks like i need to accept the no sleep thing all over again. and i may need to invest in a new pregnancy pillow soon, at this rate i'll have worn mine into the ground before xmas arrives!

    time does whizz past so quickly. desperately hoping to get some sneaky long-distance visits in soon!! xx


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