7 December 2011

whingy wednesdays

 image via Peonies & Polaroids

this week's whingy wednesdays comes a little tardier than i'd hoped and i expect will be somewhat shorter than the posts you may have become accustomed to. i'm finding life as a pregnant woman much easier these days and i've notably calmed down somewhat. i'm even enjoying this pregnancy gig now so i'll find it tough to come up with some things to whinge about......but i'm not totally devoid of complaint......

*bladder* yes. i am still getting up for far more pees than i care to think about and my uterus is most definitely NOT sitting on my bladder anymore. i've come to the [pretty obvious] conclusion that i just have a pathetic bladder.

*baby movements* really my only complaint here is that scrobble doesn't move as much as i'd like. feeling your baby wriggling around inside of you is [a weird but..] lovely feeling. it reminds you it's there. and sometimes you do forget [until you try to bend down to polish the tv stand and realise that there's a good reason pregnant women aren't very flexible. bebe's movements are slowly turning into pretty defined kicks but the child is taking it's merry time and isn't particularly active. i have a feeling this child may have similar sporting capabilities and level of interest as me. ie none. why stand when you can sit? why run when you can walk??

*hair* ick. ack. ugh. my hair is vile. a rotten, bushy, knotty, dry mess. pregnancy hasn't favoured my hair in the slightest and i'm kinda looking forward to that baldness some new moms experience. really.

*hairiness* in case you were wondering, my stomach is still worryingly hairy. i'm DEFINITELY looking forward to any baldness in this vicinity.

*boobs* i have one question. when will they stop? i'm hiding a rack that nigella lawson would be proud of underneath these grotty, ill-fitting tshirts. still, this is barely a complaint.

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