1 December 2011

how soon is too soon?

we've been lucky enough to inherit a few pieces of baby ephemera from very generous friends and family - with plenty more where that came from to come!

mostly we've been accumulating practical items that are more pregnancy related, leaving the more exciting baby stuff for a little later on in the pregnancy. but during the last 19 weeks i've seen many beautiful temptations that we've resisted for fear it's 'too early' to buy.

i understand why people wait to buy things for their baby and i too felt it was pertinent to wait at least a little while before we made any purchases. and after 17 weeks of waiting i decided that it was time.

we didn't go crazy, just a couple of babygrows, but as soon as we brought those tiny little clothes home i realised that by waiting so long to make any purchases i'd actually been denying myself the opportunity to embrace the future. i found it entirely cathartic to see the tiny little clothes hanging from my bedroom door. it was a brief glimpse into our future and it actually really helped me put some of the anxieties i was feeling about impending parenthood to bed.

i'm beginning to feel like a mum. assessing each item, feeling just how soft that cotton will feel against scrobble's skin. i see these tiny little clothes and realise that one day, the little baby inside me will join us out here in the real world. he/she will sit inside those clothes, like he/she is sitting inside of this huge outfit - that is my belly - right now.

i'm going to make damn sure that scrobble is comfy as can be in both outfits.

painfully cute babygrows from h&m. sadly not available online.

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