30 November 2011

whingy wednesdays

today’s whingy wednesday falls exactly 25 days before christmas which means i’m not feeling particularly whingy. i’m so totally up for christmas this year* [and every year for that matter]. i’ve been waiting a long-ass time for it to come and now it’s practically here i’m pumped. proper mega pumped. but I have managed to strain a few complaints out of me to fulfil this week’s whingy wednesday.

*sleeping* - is pretty much a thing of the past. toss, turn and get up to pee is about the sum of my sleep routine these days. needless to say, i’m tired, but I do seem to be getting used to it. and thank god for the preparation. lord knows I’ll need it.

*hair* - my hairy belly is continuing to plague me. as my husband keeps saying, ‘it’s almost as big and as hairy’ as his. it’s very glamourous Ii tell you.

*spelling* - it isnt pregnancy related but the world’s inability to know the difference between the spelling of stationery [pens, paper etc] and stationary [motionless] really fucks me off. it’s simple so just learn it already. especially the people that create stationery for a god damn living!

*family dramas* - generally I can do without family dramas. but this is especially the case when I’m pregnant and I have the weight of the responsibilty of becoming the kind of parent I want to be on my shoulders. i havent got the time or inclination to deal with other people’s shit [and it is shit]. i have got plenty on myself, a hell of a lot to organise and a new family of my own to consider. eff off and sort yourself out. leave me the hell out of it.

*emotions* - boy oh boy when the pregnancy emotions come, THEY COME. I’ve gotten away with only one or two episodes so far but I’m sure when my boy came home from work the other day he thought someone had died**.

*pinterest* - i love this site. i adore it and think it’s one of the best new creative resources out there right now. but at the same time, it’s gash. it’s full of bugs. riddled. and with a software tester as a husband these things annoy me [and him] perhaps more than most people. but when people link to an image on the main page of a site instead of the page it sits on it really pees me off. how hard is it to do properly, really?

*i am a christmas enthusiast but this year especially so as it’s been some time [may 2011] since i had a break and i am hella in need of a break now that bebe has been residing inside me for five exhausting [and enthralling] months.
**they hadn’t.

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