16 November 2011

whingy wednesdays

image courtesy of the awesome sharon montrose. a lady whose artwork will definitely be adorning our bebe's nursery walls.

it’s already been a whole week since the first installment of whingy wednesdays and I’m back with another instalment of. believe it or not i’ve managed to find another 6 things to whinge about in that time….

*maternity clothes* – i’ve reached that awkward stage where i appear neither fat nor pregnant*. my clothes don't fit, or look just plain weird, and maternity clothes are a massively-large-tent-like-oversized-mess. i'm scraping by with the dregs of my wardrobe and i'm def NOT working it. i'm looking forward to having something to put in those enormous maternity pants so i at least I have something to bloody wear…

*back ache* – or more specifically arse ache. my coccyx still hurts most days and the evil chairs-of-torture at work aren't helping. i'm a bum-ache away from a piles pillow. pregnancy is glam don't you think?

*heartburn* - this appears to be rearing its ugly head more and more. i've not had to resort to medication yet but as scrobble continues to ram my innards upwards i anticipate it becoming more of an issue...gaviscon at the ready.

*pregnancy exercise* – or lack thereof - i'm disgruntled by the amount of exercise classes available in my local area. there's a plethora of types if exercises i 'could' do, if any were available to suit a working woman. but no, aquanatal is conveniently at 11am on a tuesday, there aren't enough pregnant woman wanting to do pilates for there to be a class in the area and pregnancy yoga starts at 7.45pm in a completely different city. it's just no good at all. that leaves me with swimming on my tod, in a contraption called maternity swimwear. alternatively I could continue to do naff-all (the most likely scenario truth be told).

*falling down the stairs* - this i do not recommend to pregnant women. no matter how tempting, don't go chasing after your cat down the stairs on your arse like i did yesterday. it's not recommended for pregnant women and it's hugely disconcerting. an event like this reminds you very quickly how precious the little thing growing inside you is and how important your job as vessel and protector is. luckily everything seems to be ok with scrobble still (i maintain this baby is made of sterner stuff than me).

*pregnancy pillows* - wtf? is all i can say about my sheep-like-penis-shaped cushion. it doesn't appear to be doing anything but i can't seem to sleep without it. we've bonded.

*my boy continues to disagree with me here. i’m in denial about the size of my stomach. apparently. but if that’s the case, then why aren’t the general public being overly ‘britishly’ polite to me and getting out of my damn way?


  1. Well I'm enjoying whinging wednesdays even if you're not ;) And I thought of something that annoys me: ineptitude. Other peoples' that is. I teach in HE in a printmaking workshop and my standards for putting the right paper in the right place at the right time (etc) seem to've been drastically raised, everyone is doing my head in! :)

    Hope you're ok from your fall (scary!) and hope you find some good exercise class soon! I do pregnancy yoga (in Leeds) and it's great (although I'm getting on to be the largest one there, which is slightly worrying!)

  2. aww, thanks sarah. glad you're enjoying hearing me moan weekly.

    i've come to the conclusion it's less the traits of other that annoy me and it's actually just the people! ;)

    i'm fine after my fall, thanks for asking. scrobble is made of stern stuff and i'm trying to be more careful at the top of steep steps!

    as for exercise, even if there was a class round here, i bet i'd find my blanket and slippers more appealing...oops. x


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