10 November 2011

whingy wednesdays

image by moi

i'm starting a new weekly feature.

as if my moaning wasn't regular enough, i'll now be letting rip and airing all my pregnancy (and more) gripes every wednesday. and i'll try to contain it all to just one day a week, for your sake.

starting with these:

sleep - yes i'm still banging on about this one... i'm still peeing like an incontinent old lady during the night. but in addition to this, i'm finding my evermore present uterus and breasts seem to grow insanely at night and it's quite distracting, not to mention uncomfortable.

aches and pains - i don't know where our baby is sitting inside me, but wherever it is, or whatever it has shifted out the way to create space for itself, has made my backside hurt. quite literally, my arse hurts constantly. my tailbone's been assaulted and i'm not sure by what exactly.

bump - or rather, other peoples predictions about how fat I will/wont get. one minute i'm the 'lucky skinny girl who won't look pregnant from behind'. next minute i'm the 'ooh, you're going to get a such a big belly' girl. i'm going to look huge no matter what, i have a child inside my child-like torso. of course i'm going to look 'big' but fuck off telling ne about it. gah.

nipples - i can tell already that these are going to increase in size along with my tits. i might manage to cope with this, providing they don't get hairy too. please god. please.

movements - at nearly 17 weeks pregnant i still can't feel definite baby movements which is a little disappointing/disconcerting. i know the little terror is wriggling around, and i have 'felt' things, though distinguishing between baby and wind is still proving too tricky.

the general public - i know that the general public don't know that i'm pregnant but i do wish the inconsiderate fuckers would get out my way. seriously, just MOVE. i always knew that the gen pop are an ignorant bunch but there's nothing like the cold hard, slap you in the face, reality of pregnancy hormones to wake you up to this fact. people are total arse holes. especially in shopping malls.


i'd love to hear from other pregnant ladies - did you find yourself insanely irritable during pregnancy? and what got your goat the most?

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