19 November 2011

when the husband goes away..

image courtesy of my maternity style inspiration thedaybook*

my boy has jaunted off to the big smoke for the weekend to catch up with some buddies before scrobble arrives [and renders him chained to the house for the rest of his life].

i had grand plans for my time alone; craftng, movie watching, clothes-that-fit shopping. i even planned a nice little take-away for myself. turns out my day hasn't quite gone to plan...

i've crafted [a little], watched a dull rom-not-even-slightly-funny-com, haven't made any tracks to go clothes shopping and haven't even considered getting in the car to go pick up a measley take-away for one.

i've got myself in a total tizz and have even had a few moments where i've been close to tears because i cant decide what to do about my tea. i'm not hungry [yet], i have heartburn [still], there's no food in the house and i cannot be fugged to go and get anything. at this point i'm literally considering cheese on toast when the hungry moment comes. and to top off my massive fail of a day, the cats have been winding me up summat rotten screaming for food [rather glutonously] hours before they are due to have their tea. to say i'm wound up is probably an understatement but i cant figure out where i went wrong today. it started off so well. and ended up so... well.meh.

my hormones appear to be playing merryhell with my mood today and, although i function just fine when my husband goes away, really all i want today is for him to come home, hug me and cook me a bloody good scrummy tea**.
in other news; scrobble seems to be progressing very well, my belly is rapidly developing and the far and few between movements appear to be becoming more regular and recognisable. although it is still pretty subtle and not something i'm able to share with scrobble's papa just yet.

i'll be 20 weeks pregnant in two weeks and this will mark a real pregnancy milestone. the half way point. more on that in two weeks though!

*whom i would like to congratulate on the recent arrive of their gorgeous bubba, everett stone. adorable. sydney, your blog just got a whole lot more interesting!!
**just like he always does. lucky me :)


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