12 November 2011


photo of a gloomy but beautiful autumn day by moi.

i'm going to be a mom. :))

just sayin...

but really, i've had moments where this realisation have scared me whitless (and there's no doubt that this is one big-ass scary thought) but at reaching 17 weeks and after beginning to feel scrobble wriggle around - albeit not very often - i'm starting to feel ready for this commitment and damn sure that i want to be the best mommy i can be to scrobs.

we've now seen, felt and heard evidence of our growing baby and slowly the pieces are coming together and i'm beginning to feel ready for the challenge, and that i may even do an ok job of it.

i'm still not showing too much and my belly has turned into a floppy hot water bottle-like affair, but this baby is in there somewhere and he/she will be joining us in around 161 days.

bring it.


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