24 November 2011

i'm the illist

image sourced from but the kitchen sink via pinterest

i am ill. again. 

just sayin.

i seem to be a germ magnet right now, they are fatally attracted to me and my pharmacist thought it nice to tell me i cant even suck on a strepsil while preggers. i'm back in work today spreading my lurgy right back at the people who gave them to me in the first place. let me tell you, cold remedies are HIGHLY underrated. pregnancy will teach you this.

also, my doctor deems it necessary to send my for a diabetes blood test, even though my 'sample' came up clear. i cannot [literally] wait for the fasting i need to do to prepare for this. i may very well die. don't they know pregnant woman cant go for longer than around 60 minutes without ingesting some [more] food.


in other, and more enjoyable news, i was informed that it is exactly one month to christmas eve, TODAY. now that IS exciting. bring it*.

*as soon as humanly possible please. thanks. :)


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