12 December 2011

getting to grips with my wardrobe

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finally! i'm beginning to get to grips with my wardrobe. i went through a totally awkward phase where i was neither thin, pregnant nor fat but with huge mammaries. a difficult physique to dress, or so i thought. i was in denial about the size of my belly but really want to emphasize it as otherwise i just felt frumpy and pretty miserable.

it took many a trip to the shopping mall to get it right. but eventually i did. i ended up coming away with a selection a stretchy items that have room for me to grow into, rather than totally-horrendously-ill-fitting maternity wear. i genuinely dont think i'll be wearing maternity trousers until i reach 7 months or so....[we'll see how that plan transpires].

skirts and stretchy dresses and belts are by far my favourite combo. easy to put together and, more importantly, comfortable. no pregnant woman wants to look like she feels but she CERTAINLY does not want to be uncomfortable. your tiny baby wont allow it.

my advice to any woman struggling with their pregnancy wardrobe;

  • jersey, jersey jersey. 
  • forget maternity tops - FORGET them. waste of money. truly. there's so many loose fit tops and blouses out there that you can wear for the duration - they literally aren't worth the investment.
  • hold off wearing maternity trousers as long as you can - they fit and feel weird. you're better off with dresses.
  • belts - hoik in that waist ladies. while you still have it.
  • maternity tights - get them. NOW. regardless of your size. you wont look back - so so SO comfy.

it took me so long to put this post together that i've since grown and definitely need to address the maternity underwear situation soon but i am trying to postpone this till the new year. i'm not ready [and cant afford] to go up a cup size for the third time in as many months. thankfully, my recent purchases have enough stretch in them to last another few weeks.

fingers crossed.



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