30 November 2011

whingy wednesdays

today’s whingy wednesday falls exactly 25 days before christmas which means i’m not feeling particularly whingy. i’m so totally up for christmas this year* [and every year for that matter]. i’ve been waiting a long-ass time for it to come and now it’s practically here i’m pumped. proper mega pumped. but I have managed to strain a few complaints out of me to fulfil this week’s whingy wednesday.

*sleeping* - is pretty much a thing of the past. toss, turn and get up to pee is about the sum of my sleep routine these days. needless to say, i’m tired, but I do seem to be getting used to it. and thank god for the preparation. lord knows I’ll need it.

*hair* - my hairy belly is continuing to plague me. as my husband keeps saying, ‘it’s almost as big and as hairy’ as his. it’s very glamourous Ii tell you.

*spelling* - it isnt pregnancy related but the world’s inability to know the difference between the spelling of stationery [pens, paper etc] and stationary [motionless] really fucks me off. it’s simple so just learn it already. especially the people that create stationery for a god damn living!

*family dramas* - generally I can do without family dramas. but this is especially the case when I’m pregnant and I have the weight of the responsibilty of becoming the kind of parent I want to be on my shoulders. i havent got the time or inclination to deal with other people’s shit [and it is shit]. i have got plenty on myself, a hell of a lot to organise and a new family of my own to consider. eff off and sort yourself out. leave me the hell out of it.

*emotions* - boy oh boy when the pregnancy emotions come, THEY COME. I’ve gotten away with only one or two episodes so far but I’m sure when my boy came home from work the other day he thought someone had died**.

*pinterest* - i love this site. i adore it and think it’s one of the best new creative resources out there right now. but at the same time, it’s gash. it’s full of bugs. riddled. and with a software tester as a husband these things annoy me [and him] perhaps more than most people. but when people link to an image on the main page of a site instead of the page it sits on it really pees me off. how hard is it to do properly, really?

*i am a christmas enthusiast but this year especially so as it’s been some time [may 2011] since i had a break and i am hella in need of a break now that bebe has been residing inside me for five exhausting [and enthralling] months.
**they hadn’t.

24 November 2011

i'm the illist

image sourced from but the kitchen sink via pinterest

i am ill. again. 

just sayin.

i seem to be a germ magnet right now, they are fatally attracted to me and my pharmacist thought it nice to tell me i cant even suck on a strepsil while preggers. i'm back in work today spreading my lurgy right back at the people who gave them to me in the first place. let me tell you, cold remedies are HIGHLY underrated. pregnancy will teach you this.

also, my doctor deems it necessary to send my for a diabetes blood test, even though my 'sample' came up clear. i cannot [literally] wait for the fasting i need to do to prepare for this. i may very well die. don't they know pregnant woman cant go for longer than around 60 minutes without ingesting some [more] food.


in other, and more enjoyable news, i was informed that it is exactly one month to christmas eve, TODAY. now that IS exciting. bring it*.

*as soon as humanly possible please. thanks. :)


22 November 2011

Whingy wednesdays

 photo of squeasel enjoying another empty box, by moi.

*illness* i'm ill. again. the second time in less than 4 weeks and i cant get into the doctors. i mean, of what benefit to me [medically] is being pregnant if it doesn't win me a quick appointment at the docs. and then, when i do finally get in, they make me sit in a room full of cretinous ill people just so i can get ill. again. i cant take jack to make me feel better and a decent night's sleep is a thing of the past. what's a girl to do ay? and then to top it off, i end up spending my entire sick-day working. meh.

*hiding uterus* i'm being surprised by my utereus's ability to completely disappear. one minute there is an obvious rotund, hard mass living in my belly. the next, it's gone. i have no idea where the little child vanishes too. at least he/she always comes back. :))

*blogger schedule* quite simply. it doesn't work for me. i don't know why. i don't know what i'm doing wrong. it just wont comply. dammit.

19 November 2011

when the husband goes away..

image courtesy of my maternity style inspiration thedaybook*

my boy has jaunted off to the big smoke for the weekend to catch up with some buddies before scrobble arrives [and renders him chained to the house for the rest of his life].

i had grand plans for my time alone; craftng, movie watching, clothes-that-fit shopping. i even planned a nice little take-away for myself. turns out my day hasn't quite gone to plan...

i've crafted [a little], watched a dull rom-not-even-slightly-funny-com, haven't made any tracks to go clothes shopping and haven't even considered getting in the car to go pick up a measley take-away for one.

i've got myself in a total tizz and have even had a few moments where i've been close to tears because i cant decide what to do about my tea. i'm not hungry [yet], i have heartburn [still], there's no food in the house and i cannot be fugged to go and get anything. at this point i'm literally considering cheese on toast when the hungry moment comes. and to top off my massive fail of a day, the cats have been winding me up summat rotten screaming for food [rather glutonously] hours before they are due to have their tea. to say i'm wound up is probably an understatement but i cant figure out where i went wrong today. it started off so well. and ended up so... well.meh.

my hormones appear to be playing merryhell with my mood today and, although i function just fine when my husband goes away, really all i want today is for him to come home, hug me and cook me a bloody good scrummy tea**.
in other news; scrobble seems to be progressing very well, my belly is rapidly developing and the far and few between movements appear to be becoming more regular and recognisable. although it is still pretty subtle and not something i'm able to share with scrobble's papa just yet.

i'll be 20 weeks pregnant in two weeks and this will mark a real pregnancy milestone. the half way point. more on that in two weeks though!

*whom i would like to congratulate on the recent arrive of their gorgeous bubba, everett stone. adorable. sydney, your blog just got a whole lot more interesting!!
**just like he always does. lucky me :)


16 November 2011

whingy wednesdays

image courtesy of the awesome sharon montrose. a lady whose artwork will definitely be adorning our bebe's nursery walls.

it’s already been a whole week since the first installment of whingy wednesdays and I’m back with another instalment of. believe it or not i’ve managed to find another 6 things to whinge about in that time….

*maternity clothes* – i’ve reached that awkward stage where i appear neither fat nor pregnant*. my clothes don't fit, or look just plain weird, and maternity clothes are a massively-large-tent-like-oversized-mess. i'm scraping by with the dregs of my wardrobe and i'm def NOT working it. i'm looking forward to having something to put in those enormous maternity pants so i at least I have something to bloody wear…

*back ache* – or more specifically arse ache. my coccyx still hurts most days and the evil chairs-of-torture at work aren't helping. i'm a bum-ache away from a piles pillow. pregnancy is glam don't you think?

*heartburn* - this appears to be rearing its ugly head more and more. i've not had to resort to medication yet but as scrobble continues to ram my innards upwards i anticipate it becoming more of an issue...gaviscon at the ready.

*pregnancy exercise* – or lack thereof - i'm disgruntled by the amount of exercise classes available in my local area. there's a plethora of types if exercises i 'could' do, if any were available to suit a working woman. but no, aquanatal is conveniently at 11am on a tuesday, there aren't enough pregnant woman wanting to do pilates for there to be a class in the area and pregnancy yoga starts at 7.45pm in a completely different city. it's just no good at all. that leaves me with swimming on my tod, in a contraption called maternity swimwear. alternatively I could continue to do naff-all (the most likely scenario truth be told).

*falling down the stairs* - this i do not recommend to pregnant women. no matter how tempting, don't go chasing after your cat down the stairs on your arse like i did yesterday. it's not recommended for pregnant women and it's hugely disconcerting. an event like this reminds you very quickly how precious the little thing growing inside you is and how important your job as vessel and protector is. luckily everything seems to be ok with scrobble still (i maintain this baby is made of sterner stuff than me).

*pregnancy pillows* - wtf? is all i can say about my sheep-like-penis-shaped cushion. it doesn't appear to be doing anything but i can't seem to sleep without it. we've bonded.

*my boy continues to disagree with me here. i’m in denial about the size of my stomach. apparently. but if that’s the case, then why aren’t the general public being overly ‘britishly’ polite to me and getting out of my damn way?

12 November 2011


photo of a gloomy but beautiful autumn day by moi.

i'm going to be a mom. :))

just sayin...

but really, i've had moments where this realisation have scared me whitless (and there's no doubt that this is one big-ass scary thought) but at reaching 17 weeks and after beginning to feel scrobble wriggle around - albeit not very often - i'm starting to feel ready for this commitment and damn sure that i want to be the best mommy i can be to scrobs.

we've now seen, felt and heard evidence of our growing baby and slowly the pieces are coming together and i'm beginning to feel ready for the challenge, and that i may even do an ok job of it.

i'm still not showing too much and my belly has turned into a floppy hot water bottle-like affair, but this baby is in there somewhere and he/she will be joining us in around 161 days.

bring it.


10 November 2011

whingy wednesdays

image by moi

i'm starting a new weekly feature.

as if my moaning wasn't regular enough, i'll now be letting rip and airing all my pregnancy (and more) gripes every wednesday. and i'll try to contain it all to just one day a week, for your sake.

starting with these:

sleep - yes i'm still banging on about this one... i'm still peeing like an incontinent old lady during the night. but in addition to this, i'm finding my evermore present uterus and breasts seem to grow insanely at night and it's quite distracting, not to mention uncomfortable.

aches and pains - i don't know where our baby is sitting inside me, but wherever it is, or whatever it has shifted out the way to create space for itself, has made my backside hurt. quite literally, my arse hurts constantly. my tailbone's been assaulted and i'm not sure by what exactly.

bump - or rather, other peoples predictions about how fat I will/wont get. one minute i'm the 'lucky skinny girl who won't look pregnant from behind'. next minute i'm the 'ooh, you're going to get a such a big belly' girl. i'm going to look huge no matter what, i have a child inside my child-like torso. of course i'm going to look 'big' but fuck off telling ne about it. gah.

nipples - i can tell already that these are going to increase in size along with my tits. i might manage to cope with this, providing they don't get hairy too. please god. please.

movements - at nearly 17 weeks pregnant i still can't feel definite baby movements which is a little disappointing/disconcerting. i know the little terror is wriggling around, and i have 'felt' things, though distinguishing between baby and wind is still proving too tricky.

the general public - i know that the general public don't know that i'm pregnant but i do wish the inconsiderate fuckers would get out my way. seriously, just MOVE. i always knew that the gen pop are an ignorant bunch but there's nothing like the cold hard, slap you in the face, reality of pregnancy hormones to wake you up to this fact. people are total arse holes. especially in shopping malls.


i'd love to hear from other pregnant ladies - did you find yourself insanely irritable during pregnancy? and what got your goat the most?
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