28 October 2011

Rob Ryan

just as the week begins to slip away from us and slide into another weekend, i finally manage to get my post about last the other weekend ready. highlighting just how long i take to do anything, as well as how stupendously fast the weeks are flying by right now.

mb and i have vowed to squeeze in as many little trips out as we can before* scrobble arrives. so after hearing last the other weekend from my well informed sister that one of my favourite artists, rob ryan, was doing a book signing at the yorkshire sculpture park we i headed out for the day.

once we'd discovered that mr ryan was there to sign his new book a sky full of kindness, a story about two birds about to embark on the adventure of becoming first time parents, we absolutely knew that this would be our first ever gift to scrobble. rob ryan's work was a direct influence in the design of our wedding invites so we knew that, along with the perfect storyline, gorgeous artwork and sweet poetry that this would be the ideal birthday present for our bebe.

we made a jolly good day of it too, stopping off for lunch before queuing for hours to meet the man himself. and i must say, he really was as sweet as his artwork.

we then proceeded to meet up with my sister and her boy and mooched around the rest of the sculpture park, which is one helluva lovely place, and enjoyed the early autumn evening.

we cant wait to give scrobble his/her first ever birthday present.

*and after..



  1. That's a great birthday present! I'm also expecting a little one (in Feb) and keep going into book shops looking for 'first' books but haven't bought anything yet, it seems like such an important thing (but hopefully he will have hundreds of books so maybe its not :) ) Anyway, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, hope all goes well :)

  2. Thanks Sarah! This was one of those perfect gifts that just fell into place all by itself - usually the best kind. I'm sure the right gift will make its way to you soon! I'm obsessed with vintage children's books too so I expect we'll also end up with quite a collection. Best of luck for Feb, not too long to go now huh? So exciting. Let me know how you get on in your new role as mummy.x


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