22 October 2011

day 88 - going back in time

a few weeks back you'll have heard me complaining about having 3 weeks stolen from my pregnancy. to say i was disgruntled is probably an understatement. i'd felt such a sense of achievement by getting to 12 weeks that to be dragged back in time to 10 weeks felt disappointing. 

suddenly i felt vulnerable. and from the moment i stepped out of the sonographer's room, i worried for our tiny little child. the level of attachment i felt to this tiny little being after the scan surprised me, and from that moment i couldn't take my mind off the safety of our little baby.

our first scan was an odd experience for me. i'd had such high hopes of coming away uplifted and excited but instead i came away disappointed and scared*. thankfully after around a week i'd managed to get a grip on my emotions and perhaps managed to exert some patience and managed to start relaxing.

and finally, two weeks later, it was time to do it all over again. and i have to say this time, was far more successful....it's quite incredible how much this little creature has grown and developed in two weeks...

scrobble at 10 weeks + 2 days
scrobble at 12 weeks + 5 days

this time we fell super lucky and got ourselves a very gentle and placid, australian male sonographer. he was kind and soft, calm and he took his time to explore our minute child. all the while explaining to us what everything was. hands, feet, brain**, heart, spine. everything right there in front of us to see. it was truly magical and completely uplifting.

he even gave me back three days of my pregnancy, for which i'm grateful. and for the extra trouble he went to to give us extra photos, we're forever indebted to him. i truly hope we get to meet him again. i could have laid there all day watching our little person wriggle around.

our baby is due on the 22nd april 2012.

scrobble's close up
scrobble's amazingly tiny arm & hand

and since these incredible photos were taken, i've fallen very quickly into my 14th week of pregnancy and my second trimester. things are looking up, i'm feeling good and slowly but surely, a little rotund belly is appearing.

at 2.9 inches this baby is finally making itself known.

*that's not to say i didn't also feel relief. that little flickering heart was a sight to behold.
** would you just look at that brain! seeing that brain was a true revelation for me. i'm so amazed by this little person and everything he/she has achieved so far, and with a brain like that, this baby will go far!! :)


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