2 October 2011


this little darling is our tiny little scrobble at 10+2 weeks. NOT the 13 weeks i had been previously told i was. so, it is with some reluctance that i head back in time with my little one [i really felt a sense of accomplishment upon reaching 12 weeks], but with a huge sense of relief that the little one is doing well. growing as expected. heart beating like the clappers. and dancing around deep inside of me like a gud 'un. this baby can throw some shapes already!

this tiny little creature is our child. and i'm completely in love with him/her already.

in addition to this good news, we get to go back in two weeks and do it all over again so the little one can be given a due date. i estimate it will be a late april date but i predict a may baby. which makes me smile. we like may in this house. my boy's birthday is in may and we also get married in the same month so it's a happy time for us so a may baby would be welcomed in this house. obviously, we dont really care when bebe decides to come, so long as he/she comes along safe and sound and happy.

i hope to be having this conversation again in two weeks, with another picture. this shit is addictive. i cannot stop looking at that picture of the little peanut.

most of all, i'm surprised by how much this very quick scan [the sonographer didn't want us to hang around after putting me at 10 weeks], i love this tiny little being already.

we are ready for this shit.

ready. and excited.

i'm also beginning to enjoy being pregnant. and rather oddly, i'm looking forward to becoming a bloater.

but not as much as i'm looking forward to meeting scrobble for the first time.

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  1. tres exciting though - and just think, it gives you 14 more days to prepare and make all the crafty fun things you find on pinterest. x


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