15 September 2011

days 64 - 78

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what a week or so its been. totally uneventful, but not inside my body.

the last few days have been a barrage full of baby attacks. my body is now just a shell. a defunct, broken shell. i am not functioning properly anymore. this baby inside has stolen my energy, my sleep, my generally pleasant demeanour, it has given me lots* of trips to the loo, an insatiable appetite and a free breast enlargement**.

all in all the pregnancy is going really well but boy did I underestimate how unbelievably, earth shatteringly, exhausting this gig would be. and ladies, don't expect any sympathy from your piers and certainly not from piers of the female kind. you may be lucky to find a friend or two who have experienced*** this and completely understand, the rest, either have no clue or don't give a shit.

stick with those understanding buddies. when its 4pm, you're about to faint from hunger, you're stomach muscles have given up the ghost and the 12 hours sleep you're trying to get nightly are proving to be not enough, she's the only one who will understand what a limp lifeless person you've become. you will need this friend.

pregnancy with or without (to my surprise****) morning sickness is HARD WORK. don't let anybody make you feel bad for that. you're doing something amazing. fuck all the haters, there's loads of those bitches about and they'll get a big ole slap accross the chops when it happens to them. shame on them.

my mood, certainly, is starting to suffer as is my sleep but when all is said and done i am thrilled to be carrying this baby and tomorrow marks day 1 of our 11th week together. it also marks the first day we'll be home all alone. my boy has had to travel to australia and has left us to fend for ourselves for a whole week. i miss him terribly already - this gaff aint the same without him here. sending big love out to my boy and to all the ladies out there struggling through the first few weeks of their pregnancy. i am sending big sympathy and empathy. it is tough work sisters. but HELLA worth it.

two more weeks till we get to meet scrobble for the first time.


*i mean seriously, is it normal to pee up to 5 times in the night?
** boy oh boy. what will happen to these puppies when the milk arrives. i'm scared but anxiously excited 
to see what happens there.
*** i'm lucky enough to have one of these [gemgem] and she totally rocks.
*** *another surprising side effect - anger. pure, unadulterated angst. especially towards twatty women who cant drive.

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