17 September 2011

day 79

in short.....

our baby is now a fetus [yay] and is the size of a lime. apparently. though i'm not sure my stomach reflects this just yet...

my uterus will make the journey out of my pelvis and away from my bladder* in the coming days.

my jebs barely fit into any of my bras anymore, i'm going to have to invest in some more bras**. again. already. on the plus side, they're like rocks and hardly need supporting by anything other than the barrage of hormones currently holding my real breasts hostage.

i'm in my 11th week of pregnancy. already.

my husband is on the other side of the planet and scrobble and i are lonely. however, i do enjoy the updates i'm getting from my boy. especially the one about his haircut from a vietnamese lady boy in sydney train station. the things he does when i'm not around. surprisingly, it's a good result....

what a handsome boy he is. miss you mb. xoxo

*thank the lord! maybe this means my multitude of nightly trips to the loo will be reduced for a while and i will finally get some sleep. maybe.
** how hard is it to find maternity bras for ladies with a narrow back. i cannot find anything smaller than a 34 back. i need a 30 peeps!!! anyone know where i can find some???

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