31 August 2011

day 58 - 63

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the last few days have been spent travelling about to share our news with our immediate family. and sleeping. lots of sleeping. and peeing. lots and lots of peeing.

we broke the news to our parents over the weekend and they were, to our surprise, not expecting the news. and to our enjoyment they were THRILLED. obviously.

still, it's nice to see them all so excited. especially as scrobble is by no means the first grandchild*.

we also met le castor. or i should say, her half squat counterpart, geraldine. she was nice. old school, but in the best way. i think. she seemed very chilled and was thrilled with our family health history and gave me top marks for having "the blood pressure of a child". this is great news for scrobble, but for me it means lots of dizziness and head-rushes. and if i push myself too hard, fainting too. i dont intend to push hard. at least, not for another 9 months.

she also informed me that as my bmi is 19, i'm classed in the nhs as 'starved**' so i get to have additional growth scans. this is excellent news. instead of the standard 2 scans, we get to see scrobble wriggling around inside me at least 4 times!! yippee.

i'm feeling relatively well still, and even managed to stay up till 10pm last night! though multiple night-time wees are still disrupting my beauty sleep, as are mental dreams! figure that wont go away anytime soon so i'd best put up and shut up.

i now have to wait an astonishing 4 weeks to get to our 12 week scan. how is it possible that they're going to make the most impatient woman in the uk wait that long. not that there is a fat lot they can do about that but boy the wait will prove hard for me. especially as mb is being shipped off to australia again for a week*** soon. how can i entertain myself?

all in all i'm well excited. i really cannot wait for that first scan to make sure scrobble is ok and dancing about as he/she should be. and so we can announce the news to all and sundry!

good times.

*scrobble with be the 4th grandchild on mb's side. the FIRST on mine! :)
**there is no way on this god given earth that anybody that i know would describe me as starved
***who in their right mind would do this to themselves?

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