25 August 2011

day 56

i must confess, currently i feel like a fraud. only a select few know that i'm pregnant. that is, until the weekend comes and mb and i announce our news to our parents.

they are going to freak. in the best way possible.

but there is something about the combination of no-one knowing and the distinct lack of feeling pregnant that leaves me feeling like a fraud.

i'm quite sure this wont last long and i'll be slapped in the face by the cold, harsh reality of being pregnant before i know it. but until then. i'm a fraudster.

having said that, the inability to eat pretty much everything i like [goodbye dippy eggs - how i will miss you], and the fact that i've had to give up my beloved coffee [and beer] have had some impact on how i'm feeling. so i guess the reality is settling in.

there wont be a saturday morning like the one below for me for some time to come. the sacrifices we make ay? tish..

image from here via here

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